The Educator: In 1999, I returned to school to earn my master in education. I have taught middle school English, reading, technology, drama and art. Related Links 

THE ARTIST: Since 1994, I have been showing my artwork in the galleries and cafes of the Seattle Area. Related Links 

The Geek: Over the years of creating my own spot in the world wide web, I have familiarized myself with a number of web programs and services. I have created sites for my friends and family. I am more than happy to give advice or start you on your way to your own web world. Feel free e-mail me with questions about web design. Note that many of these sites are now being managed by other users. Programs I have used to create or add content to sites include straight HTML, Dreamweaver, Everett SD Content Management System, Net Objects, Gallery, Picasa, Yahoo Page Builder and Flash. Here are some examples of my web work.Art/ Business Sites:

Educational Sites:

  • BTMS: Brier Terrace Middle School 2000-2004
  • Hagen Art Page 2000-2004 (now defunct)
  • Seniuk Art Page 2000-2004
  • Bettinghouse Art Page 2000-2004
  • Gaub Art Page 2000-2004
  • Sullivan Art Page 2000-2004

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